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Looking Back At The Past

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

Recently, I gave an estimate to solid color seal a clients driveway and pool patio. I guess the homeowner was surprised by a floor care buisness showing up to seal the driveway. He immediately said, "I think there has been some confusion about what this job is or who I called." He wasn't sure based off the logo on the side of my van.

I'm not really into tooting my own horn but it did make me chuckle a bit inside. So I decided to start off my first blog entry with a look back at some of my past projects prior to moving to beautiful Southern Florida and opening Harbor Tile & Carpet Cleaning.



Chicago Green Screen

A massive 25'x27' standing 14' high, at the time was the largest green screen in Chicago. The project was designed and built at Atomic Imaging Inc. / Golan Productions.

The studio was so busy we had to build the cyclorama in five days. At the end of the five days Hollywood Camera Works hosted a green screen seminar. It was a serious time crunch. I had been sleeping on a couch in the studio for a week. This photo was taken as guest were arriving.



I got my start as a painter when I was 19, apprenticing basics as a helper painting a new construction house. After finishing that house I went on the road with a company spending a summer spraying large commercial buildings on a paint crew. From there I spent a two years working for a high end residential company before painting for myself.

Spotting some last things before spraying primer.

Historic door re-stain.

Prepping out the door below for stain.

Sikkens door and window stain final product.

Historic window color change.

Spraying out a tool shed. That's a Titan handheld not some little Home Depot Wagner.

Ugly before.

Sometime the picture says it all.

Solid stain re-coat on deck

Cedar Pergola staining.

Deck and fence stain.

White rental respray and floor polishing.

Getting my spray on.


Custom Carpentry

I've always loved working with wood.

Custom deck extension and Pergola. Built in the middle of a very hot summer. Not much shade in this backyard.

Large custom pool deck.

Suns out and the guns were out. Working that Auger in the heat.

First deck I ever built, it was supposed to just be a deck board re-sheet but the thing literally fell apart when I got there. I was able to salvage the joist and post but everything else was new.

Another shot of first deck.

Trek railing system installed on balcony with Trek composite deck boards.

Trek composite decking re-sheet with Trek hidden fasteners. I also painted the black railings with a oil based high gloss.

Re-sheet with composite deck board and hidden fasteners. Diagonal patterned board lay.

Came hidden fastener system for composite deck boards. One of the best fastening systems I've ever installed.

Fiberglass door install with sidelights and a digital wifi lock installed. With re-trim of exterior and interior jambs.

Custom closet. Build the walls and trim work. Painted and installed this prefab insert.

Custom butcher block countertop with underslung sink.

hand made cabinet towel insert.


Tile and Gut Bathrooms

Tile is a lot of fun also.

Wonderboard is my favorite backer to lay wall tile on. Its stronger and lighter then Durarock.

After laying the subway tiles and grouting light grey.

Custom fireplace I built with custom entertainment center.

Full gut with jacuzzi install and real tin ceiling. Crown-molding, inline water heater.

Smooth solders!

Natural stone backsplash.

Another custom shower.

I love this vanity.

Full gut custom bathroom.

Half glass shower door install. I also did the demolition of the old bathroom, painting, vanity and toilet install. I didn't lay the tile in this bathroom. This one is at my mothers house and I did the work during holiday visits.

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