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Premier Carpet Cleaning

Done right the first time

Great Cleanings Start With The Solution

- The correct detergent is essential.

We carry four different carpet cleaning solutions on our truck at all times. Understanding the chemistry behind cleaning nylon, polyester, and wool carpets is the foundation of a good results. 

All of our chemicals are top tier. We have solutions for both trashed carpets and clients that just need a routine maintenance. This prevents unnecessary stress on the carpets fibers. 

-Counter Rotating Brush Machine (CRB)

Agitation Sets Our Cleaning Apart

After cleaning solution is applied the carpets must be machine agitated. This helps the pre-spray to break the bond between the dirt and carpets fibers.  Our Counter Rotating Brush Machine is by far the most superior way to achieve this without risk of damaging the carpet. 

Many of our competitors flat out skip this step. This is the surest sign that you are receiving a inferior cleaning service. Others use a cheaper large floor buffer called a 175, which spins in a harsh circular pattern and risks damage to the carpets. 

Constant Heat & Suction

-Size matters...

We'll be frank... We have a giant custom machine nicknamed after a famous movie monster. It has a independent water heater that produces more consistent and higher temperatures than our competitors. 

It also has a vacuum that produces massive amounts of lift. This means carpets dry much faster, come out cleaner and we can make longer runs of hose to reach even the furthest jobs. 


Most common residential carpet material.


Soft, economical, stain resistant. Currently very popular.



Premium Carpet, most expensive to clean, requires special attention.



Looped Berber, less resistant to traffic wear.


Commercial Glue Down 

Carpet Fibers

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